Supersoul 200 & 300-hour Yoga Certification
Chatham, New York
March - July, 2018
with Raghunath & special guests including: Kaustubha Das, Vasu Dudakia, Bryn Chrisman, Justin Wolfer, Madhuri Pura Dasa (300 Hour Only) & Abhimanyu Annis (300 Hour Only)

Weekends for 2018:

March 16-18: 300 Hour only

April 13-15: 300 Hour only

April 20-22: 200 & 300 Hour

May 18-20: 200 & 300 Hour

June 8-10: 200 & 300 Hour

July 6-8: 200 & 300 Hour Graduation


Welcome to the Supersoul 200 & 300 Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training. Both trainings are powerfully trans-formative courses led by the well-known international & master teacher Raghunath. Raghunath also brings in expert guest presenters who assist him in creating this well rounded and authentic yoga teacher training.

The Supersoul Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training is a foundational yet deep course designed for aspiring yoga teachers; as well as committed practitioners who feel called to further explore and experience the profound depth of the yoga system and its practical application in modern, daily life.  A large percentage of Raghunath students have gone on to be successful studio owners and teachers in their own communities either locally, nationally or internationally.

Drawing from the paradigm of Bhakti Yoga, students will learn to access their 'signature offering to the world' as a means of healing and awakening personal transformation, as well as catalyzing change for their students.

200 Course Content:

Asana Technique:

  • Physical and energetic dynamics of foundational yoga postures, focusing on proper alignment, benefits, and risks.
  • Sun Salutations, Standing Poses, Backbends, Forward Bends, Twists, Arm Balances, Inversions, Core Integration, & Hip Openers.
  • Applied Anatomy

 *300 hour students will overview the above and go deeper into all facets of sequencing, asana, anatomy etc.

Dynamic Facilitating: 

  • Finding your authentic teaching voice
  • Creating and holding sacred space
  • Effective teaching cues and asana demonstration

Ayurveda for Yoga teachers:

  • Introduction for 200 hour students
  • Weekend Immersion for 300 hour students

Teaching Practice:

  • Incrementally build from teaching one-on-one to conducting large group classes, as competence and confidence increases. Each teaching opportunity will be followed up with supportive and encouraging feedback, guiding the student teacher toward experiencing empowered teaching.
  • The art of observation
  • Hands-on assists, adjustments, and props (300 hour students will do more advanced assists, therapeutic touch and marma points)

Yoga Philosophy: 

  • Ancient teachings, relevant approach
  • History of yoga from the Gita to Vinyasa
  • Overview of the Bhagavad Gita (300 students will have a very intensive study on this seminal text)
  • Mantras-their meaning and purpose
  • Meditation
  • Kirtan fundamentals (300 hour students will do more in depth study of music, kirtan and leading kirtan)


  • The business of yoga and the yoga of business
  • Integrity: the ethics of responsible teaching
  • Navigating healthy boundaries
  • Fostering students’ transformation: physical, psychological, spiritual
  • How to make a living teaching yoga

The Supersoul 300-hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training is for the students who are heading to the next level. They are either already teachers and/or have received their 200-hour certification and want to further their studies. First, we review what the students already know and refine, polish or perhaps catch them up if needed. Next the student deepens the cultural and technical facets of yoga deepening their education including adding chanting & music (kirtan) to their classes, meditation, the study and memorization of Sanskrit slokas (verses from sacred literature), Ayurveda for teachers, marma & hands on therapeutics, anatomy for yoga teachers, study and transformation of the subtle body, advanced asana sequencing, pranayama, traditional sacred ritual and an in-depth study and understanding of India’s wisdom literature.


 Overview: basics and dive deeper into asana, pranayama, mudra, mantra, energetics

Ayurveda: Yoga Teachers intensive weekend study

Kirtan Training: adding mantra to your class teaching and practice

Study of Sacred Literature: learning to understand and teach from sacred seminal yoga texts

such as Bhagavad Gita

Advanced Hands on Assist & Sequencing

Working with Marma Points and other hands on therapeutics

These programs are designed especially for those who cannot get away for a full immersion but who still want a comprehensive, all-encompassing yoga training. The Supersoul 200 students will come together over 4 intensive weekends of study, practice, meditation and personal growth, with their personal practice and independent study tailored to their free time in between. The Supersoul 300 trainees will do 2 extra weekends for a total of 6 intensive weekends starting in Spring 2018. Both trainings will overlap on the last four weekends at Supersoul Farm but each group will receive personalized attention switching between Raghunath and one of his master teachers to accompany him. The groups will come together for morning meditation, master workshops, kirtan, and evening sat sangha. (spiritual discourse).


Resident Study

Students can stay as a resident in our ashram facility at Supersoul Farm for an additional cost during these weekends OR commute locally, arriving early Friday morning with classes starting at 5:30am with meditation and yoga. All meals are healthy, delicious vegetarian/vegan meals from locally sourced produce (with gluten free options) are included.  


About Raghunath


Raghunath is considered a teacher’s teacher and travels all over the world leading or assisting trainings. He has been leading his own teacher trainings since 2006 in Los Angeles and New York. In his twenties, he spent 6 years as a brahmachari monk living in ashrams both in India and the America while traveling the sub-continent of India and entire United States. His annual pilgrimage to India sells out each year as he leads students through his favorite holy places in sacred India explaining the stories, histories and the rituals of the holy villages, temples and ashrams.

He spends the year teaching globally and leads an annual 300-hour Bhakti Cultural Immersion YTT each January in India. Now he is taking time away from his travel schedule to support a new project, Supersoul Farm: Center for Inspired Living where he will host his teacher trainings in the US. This is a nonprofit (501c3) education center specializing in yoga education, simple living, permaculture farming, animal welfare, homesteading and primal living skills.

About Kaustubha


Kaustubha Das serves as Senior Educator & Creative Director of The Bhakti Center. Between the ages of 21 and 34 he lived as a Hindu monk, traveling and studying in ashrams in India and America. He teaches bhakti-yoga philosophy and meditation, which he has practiced for over twenty-five years in the Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition. Kaustubha Das was initiated as a Vaishnava brahmana (teacher/priest) in 1990. He also serves as a member of the Board of Directors for The Broome Street Temple.

About Justin


Justin Wolfer, ECYT, co-owner of Rise Yoga & Movement Arts Center.

A dedicated student and teacher of the art & science of Yoga. He walked into his first yoga class hoping to heal a knee injury and left knowing that he had come to figure out why he felt so disconnected in his life.

Justin aims to develop and adapt Yoga practices that create Dhāraṇā (concentration) and physical intelligence. He aims to provide students with tools to light their own flame of intelligence. He believes the experience of practice and life ultimately become our teachers and lead to deep insight into our own nature.

Love and appreciation for all the teachers in my life that have helped light the way.  My teacher Raghunath and also, Ricky Tran, Gopi Kinnicut, Glenn Black, Alexandria Crow, David Robson, and my father to name a few.

About Bryn


Bryn has been teaching classes since 2003, teacher trainings since 2006 and practicing much longer.

I opened Yogamaya to share and care for what I love, Yoga and Kirtan. My classes are challenging, devotional and fun, but not frivolous. A long-time student of Iyengar teachers Carrie Owerko & Kevin Gardiner, I integrate the texture and subtleties of alignment with flow and purposeful sequencing. We approach the asanas with the mood of appreciation, climb deep into our bodies, and discover a way of moving that is at once humble and powerful. I hope to meet you and that we can inspire each other.

About Vasu


Since birth, Vasu was raised in the foundational principles of Bhakti yoga through the teachings of HH A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. In his late 20’s, Vasu’s spiritual practice coalesced with his interests in mind-body wellness paving the path towards Ayurveda. In 2011, Vasu began practicing Ayurveda and Marma therapy under the guidance of Dr. Madhusudan Ray and earned a degree as an Ayurvedic Practitioner under the guidance of Dr. Paul Dugliss.

Today, as the Founder of Veda Holistic Health, Vasu’s work integrates the ancient practice of Bhakti yoga, the science of Ayurveda and Marma therapy to address the challenges of modern living including personalized nutrition, mindful de-stressors and other therapeutic lifestyle changes (TLC). He believes Ayurveda is the missing link to western medicine providing individualized wellness with time-tested preventative applications. Vasu enjoys traveling around the US and overseas giving inspirational talks in Ayurveda, leading modules in yoga teacher trainings, sharing the sacred heart path of Bhakti yoga kirtan and leading transformational retreats.



About Madhuri (300 Hour training only)


Born and raised in a household of avid Kirtan singers and musicians, Madhu (Mādhurī Pūra Dāsa) is a monk who has dedicated his life to sharing bhakti yoga. Madhu studied traditional Vedic instruments as a child under his father and later studied both Indian and western classical music in depth. His style of music is a blend of modern influences with the ancient art of kirtan, creating a unique sound. Madhu travels internationally and hosts mantra meditation workshops, enlivening and energizing communities with his music. The driving force behind his enthusiasm for what he does is the desire to have kirtan appreciated by all types of people.

Mādhurī Pūra Dāsa offers Kirtan music training lessons for learning how to lead and participate in Kirtan, vocal and instrument training, and the history and philosophy of Kirtan for beginner,  intermediate and advanced level. One will learn the mood, mechanics and methodologies of ancient devotional chanting and how to integrate it into ones daily life for divine connection.


About Abhimanyu (300 Hour Training only)

The study of Oriental Medicine has literally been a trip around the world for me. Upon completing a pre-med program at the University of Illinois, I served as a US Peace Corps volunteer in Namibia, Southern Africa. I then traveled to India and devoted myself to seminary studies in Vaisnavism and Bhakti-Yoga at the Vrindavana Institute of Higher Education, where I also began to take an interest in Ayurveda-the traditional Indian practice of medicine-and its affiliate limb of astrology, Jyotisha. Post-India, I began my studies at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine and Oregon School of Massage. Committed to deepening and expanding my knowledge of Vedic Astrology, I am presently studying under the world-renowned author and jyotishi, Hart de Fouw, at the Vedic Vidya Institute in San Rafael.

      As the founder and primary practitioner of Sattva Health Gallery, my goal is to help my clients establish and maintain a sattvic lifestyle: one defined by balance, clarity, peace of mind, and self awareness. I believe in treating the whole person, and I do so by employing a wealth of healing techniques that improve the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of my clients. I hold client care and satisfaction as central functions of my practice-which, in turn, I find very gratifying. I invite you to visit Sattva Health Gallery and see what eastern medicine has to offer you.



200 Hour Certification course = $3500 with a $500 non - refundable deposit to hold your spot.

300 Hour Certification course = $4500 with a $500 non - refundable deposit 

Payment plans available. Please email with inquiries and questions. 

*There will also be one required weekend OR 20 hours of dedicated seva (selfless service) at Supersoul Farm or in the student’s community during the course of the training. (this must be discussed with program manager). That, combined with homework, reading, and practicums between sessions will make up the required 200 hours and 300 hours for Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training credentials.

*Early Bird Special: Register and submit a $500 non-refundable deposit (or entire balance) by October 1 and receive $250 off the price of tuition.


Price Includes:

  • 200hr. Teacher Training
  • Yoga Alliance RYT 200hr. Certification
  • 3 Sumptuous Vegetarian Meals per day
  • Coffee & Tea Service @ Supersoul Farm
  • Supersoul Yoga 200hr/300-hour training Manual/ Study Guide/ Notebook
  • Supersoul natural canvas tote
  • Supersoul T-shirt
  • Free unlimited yoga at Supersoul Yoga for the duration of the training

Price does NOT include:

  • Textbooks/ Required Reading (list provided upon registration)
  • Accommodations at Supersoul Farm for $125 for a weekend in our new and clean dorm accommodations. (Other accommodations available off-property. Inquire within.)  

These courses will qualify you to apply for a 200 or 300 Hour Yoga Alliance Certification


All credit card payments subject to 3.5% fee

Or pay by check (no fee). Checks can be made out to Supersoul and mailed to:
25 Main St.
Chatham, NY 12037

Deposits are only refunded if your application is not accepted. 


For more information, email