April Focus of the Month: Urdhva Hastasana (Upward Salute) -- Root-to-Rise

At long last we begin to shed our cumbersome layers after a long period of turning within, incubating and fortifying ourselves in the dark cocoon of winter. It is so tempting to burst our energies forth at the first warm day, sensing the long-awaited freedom that warmth and sunshine promise. 

We must be mindful during this transition from reflection to expression, to take the time to send our roots deep and wide -- drawing up nourishment and sustenance from Source, so that when we are called to express the inspiration, beauty, and the love we are meant to bring into the world; it will flow forth as a natural expression of our deeply grounded connection to Self / Spirit. 

In Urdhva Hastasana, each exhale grounds our energy down through the legs and feet into the Earth, where it taps into the Earth's quiet strength; on the inhale it draws back up through feet and legs, up the empowered spine and directs this energy through the fingertips toward the heavens. 

Try to draw out the length of your inhales and exhales in this posture, to feel into the experience of rooting on the exhale to gather strength and stability; then riding the inhale up into the fully empowered expression of this inspiring pose. I wish you joyful practicing!