August Focus of the Month: Handstands & Intention Amidst Intensity

There's something to be said for holding a center of integrity while the world turns upside down, it's a challenge that can easily slip when we're faced with discomfort. While our time on the yoga mat can be an empowering way to practice intention amidst intensity, it's also just the beginning. Sustainable growth can be had when we incorporate realizations and practices across the board in life. The way we practice handstands (or any other challenging part of the yoga practice) can also be the way we deal with challenges in relationships, business, or personal growth -- if we choose it. 

That's intention -- an informed choice as to how we want to direct the mind, and therefore, our lives. The pause before the panic, the breath into the core and into the heart; a 'vibe' that we can imagine, feel, and then enact. And what informs that choice? It's as easy as asking yourself, "What do I value?", and then noticing if those things are at play. 

Sometimes it takes a while to get used to it, to retrain our reflexes and find the center of calm balance in which to hold steady (in handstands and life!). With intention, we're creating a clearing and a pathway for this steadiness, and preparing the mind and heart to reveal more to us. 

Do you need to practice handstands to practice intentional living? No, of course not! But it's a great place to explore when you're ready to challenge your body and grow your yoga practice. And just like in life, handstands work better when we engage from the gut (core) and heart (chest) out into the arms and hands, reach for the sky, stay relaxed, and breathe. 

by Alexandra Moga