Focus of the Month: Come Together

photo by Sherry Sutton Photography

After the introspection and isolation of the winter season, we begin to emerge with our realizations, perhaps with questions and confusion, desiring to connect the dots and put them to the test. Relationships are one of the most, if not the most, powerful agents of change and inspiration. Indeed, it is through the feedback of relationship and connection to other that we often learn the most about ourselves and our place in the world. As we navigate the many internal and external changes in the cycles of life, we can find guidance and strong, stabilizing roots in community, and moreover, spiritual community.  

The transformation of our connections in this world from gross to subtle, material to spiritual is one of the many gifts of a yoga practice. Digging past surface thoughts, relationships, and actions rewards us with greater fulfillment, understanding and awareness, compassion and patience. Radhanath Swami reflects on this, stating "If we do not actively invest in our spiritual growth, quality of life remains shallow." But what is the depth of spiritual growth truly worth if we cannot extend that connection to others? 

The beauty of spiritual growth is that, while it brings us closer to our true selves, it inherently brings us closer to others. When we are committed to investing in our spiritual practices, we are naturally more caring, and more connected to the welfare of others.  

As the lens focuses more and more on the collective this year, we must not only continue on the path of self-betterment, but come together as a powerful unit of collective evolution. This month, take the opportunity to connect to the spiritual community in our little corner of the world with two special programs: Brave New Gita and Roots of Kirtan

by Alexandra Moga