September Focus of the Month: Fortitide // Deviasana

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, 
while loving someone deeply gives you courage." 
Lao Tzu 

Goddess pose, or deviasana, taps into the supremely powerful feminine aspect. It's a primal sort of asana, which connects us to the strength of our foundation -- our legs, while reminding us that before hospital beds and C-sections, this deep squat was one that brought life into the world.

The muscles activated in this pose, the gluteus maximus, the quadrecepts, and the pelvic floor are some of the strongest in the body. And all the while, the arms are open wide, allowing us to courageously embrace the burn as we open ourselves up to the truest strength of all -- vulnerability. 

To tap into the magic and depth of this pose, keep a long line of energy through the spine. From the pelvis to the back of the neck and up through the crown, we can stand tall in the challenge, open to the possibilities of a grounded body and an open heart.

In love and fortitude,

by Alexandra Moga