Focus of the Month: Humility // Gratitude

At this point in our evolution as a collective world family, extremities are more and more apparent. It seems like every day there are more and more outrageous incidents; extreme weather, natural devastation, lapses of humanity, compassion, and intelligence. Although there are more conscious communities forming and living based on higher principles, we can't seem to escape the opposite; much re-balancing and healing is needed. 

The path of yoga offers one of the most powerful and sustainable solutions to the material problems of our time. We cannot stop the forward movement of technology and information, but we can adjust our capacity to navigate this strange new world by maintaining a strong connection to the eternal reservoir of clarity, hope, and love that yoga offers.  

The principles of humility and gratitude go hand in hand, and are the basis by which we can truly learn and transform not only ourselves, but our interactions, our families and communities, and the world at large.

Humility creates space between the false ego and the receptive mind, or the witness. To be humble means to recognize that every being deserves to thrive and experience the same joy, support, and understanding we ourselves seek. Furthermore, humility inspires us to be of service to that end. Humility does not require a credential, reason, or material worthiness, although the ego certainly seeks these things as a justification to hear or acknowledge another. In short, humility puts the impulses of the mind on hold to allow for the truth to be heard.

With a consistent yoga practice, our mind and entire being becomes more and more sensitized to this truth. Yoga, union, invites awakening, and gratitude is a natural response to awakening. Gratitude puts our efforts in perspective, placing our journey along the continuum of our ancestors' journey, our teachers' efforts, and the journeys of our fellow students, friends, and neighbors. 

Gratitude opens us up to receive more blessings. And humility extends our blessings out to others, to share what we've been given because we can see that the best things in life don't belong to anyone, they belong to everyone.

This month, we encourage you to reach beyond your comfort zone and seek out ways of honoring and thanking the people and incidents in your life. Listen with an ear that does not know. Give with a heart that does not fear. And trust. Trust that to practice humility and gratitude is to open yourself up to the healing and transformation the soul is alway seeking.  

by Alexandra Moga