Established in the Self

Coming off our 300 hour YTT and Bhakti Yoga Cultural Immersion in India, we are left with several potent realizations and lessons. Chief among them is the importance of monitoring what mantras, or repetitive thoughts and sentiments, we allow and repeat in our minds. Are you criticizing, finding fault, indulging in resentment? To take notice and replace toxic mantras and thought patterns with gratitude, tolerance, and appreciation is to chart the path towards the true Self.

Raghunath drew the parallel between a luxury building with a doorman and our minds. A doorman is there to screen who is allowed in to protect the residents of the building. Similarly, we would be wise to set up a screening process of what we allow into our minds; for over time, our thoughts surely create our external reality. This screening process can be difficult if we are conditioned to place ourselves in the center, to see the world as either a place that satisfies our desires or thwarts our attempts at control and enjoyment. Duality is a tough reality of the material world and material thinking. However transcending pain and pleasure, happiness and distress is the central result of a steady yoga practice. This is the process of flipping a dualistic, self-serving world view in order to place unity, divinity, and higher principles at the center, relocating ourselves as servants of this center. 

This practice is a powerful tool in creating a clear headspace, something which is required to attain that oft-elusive state of even-mindedness lacking in our culture today. From that clear mind, we can truly begin to appreciate the eternal self residing in the heart, and live from that place. 

This month, practice cleansing the blocks to a steady connection to your true self. Notice the thought patterns that promote selfishness and encourage thoughts and actions that place service and tolerance at the center. 

by Alexandra Moga