See what our students are saying about their Supersoul experience: practicing, studying, and on pilgrimage!

Brij’s classes are challenging to both mind and body. What she offers goes well beyond an opportunity to practice yoga and explore new boundaries—time spent as a student of Brij Cappo is time spent on holisitic personal elevation. Not content to simply instruct and assist in yoga poses, Brij brings her passion for introspection and self-improvement for the perfect balance of spirit and strength. One simply cannot study with Brij and not feel changed for the better.
— Laura Shea, Chatham
Taking classes at Supersoul Yoga has totally changed the way I think about exercise. I never thought yoga was right for me and now I look forward to every class. My usual workout includes heavy lifting, aerobic exercise, strength conditioning, and stamina building. Now that I have a yoga practice to balance that out, I have a much better overall fitness regimen. Yoga has brought me balance, strength, and flexibility, all of which have had a profound impact on my overall physical health. I can’t say enough good things about this studio and the folks who teach there!
No better teacher, no better place.

The 300 hour advanced teacher training with Raghunath not only upgraded my yoga practice, it upgraded my life. Each morning, my heart awoke with bliss for the morning satsang full of sacred sounds. I’m forever grateful to have received such divine teachings from the best spiritual teachers of our time in the holiest of places. I hope to continue this inspiration onto my students.
— Laura R., Teacher, Columbia
Brij’s classes are intensely challenging. The way she explains postures really helps me feel like I am gradually improving over time. With each class, I find myself being able to go a little deeper, find a little more balance, and inch a little closer to those seemingly-ellusive postures! Brij has a real ego-free approach to teaching; her humility and openness help me to be more receptive as a student. I am so grateful to have Supersoul, and Brij, right here in Chatham.
— David Shea, Chatham
Raghunath brings India to life for anyone who hasn’t been there. He goes past the superficial and helps you understand the nuances of the spirit, the culture and the people. If you’re even contemplating going-GO!
— Beverly F., Los Angeles, CA
Doing my teacher training with Raghu was unforgettable! Not only did I learn a great deal about asana, but also so much about the other aspects of yoga! Truly an awesome and life changing experience!
— Dustin Horan, owner of Dead Presidents Lounge Tattoos, Albany, NY
Epic voyage with an inspirational teacher — a total game changer! I will never be the same after that trip. Mantras and scenes that will stay with me for a lifetime.
— Ramit, owner of Jaya Yoga, Brooklyn, NY
The Supersoul 300 hour teacher training doesn’t teach you what yoga is, it teaches you how to become yoga. Many times I’ll think about how I debated doing this teacher training and now I realize how lucky I am to have taken it. As a beginner yoga teacher, people along the way tried to explain to me what yoga is. Raghunath was there for us 24/7 including answering to our texts at 2am. He slowly went from being a teacher to becoming our family and our guide. This teacher training gave me the tools I needed to become better me.
— Mattan Sharvit, Yoga Teacher, New York City / Israel
The trip to India with Raghu was amazing. As a first time visitor I felt completely at home. And with Raghu as our guide we were true yoga pilgrims! It was a real treat to have Raghu share his wealth of knowledge with us. Our bus trips were filled with lively discussions and readings from holy books. We saw and experienced a lot. I definitely recommend going to India with Raghu.
— Peter Barnett, Yoga Teacher & owner of BLACK DOG YOGA, Sherman Oaks, CA.
Raghu is an awesomely inspiring guide who makes this trip a true pilgrimage-a deep, uplifting, spiritual, life-changing experience.
— Molly Davidson, Yoga Teacher, Long Beach, CA
Going to India with Raghu was not like I left the country. It was like I left the planet — and everyone there was full of heart. I can still smell it. I can still feel it. Everyday was an adventure into my soul. The people in India are like no other. Full of love and reverence.
— Shannon Walker, owner Mahatma Yoga, Newport, RI
I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to have been a part of this 300-hour program. This program helped me grow not only as a yoga practitioner and teacher, but as a person. This is a transformational experience that deepened my understanding of the yoga principals and helped engrain in me the teachings so I am able to incorporate them into my daily life. This program goes far beyond the text and asks you to look inside yourself. In a community we share universal truths that help lift each other up. Raghu, our fearless leader is genuine, kind, and has a breadth of understanding of of the ancient stories that he shares in such away that the these stories become part of you, not to mention can lead an ecstatic kirtan. Has a way of attracting a powerful and knowledgable team and students. The days are long and inspiring. From before the sun rises to long after the sun sets (and if you are lucky you will watch the moon rise) you are surrounded by passionate and compassionate teachers and fellow students. I could go on about the beautiful and peaceful setting of the Eco Village, that helpful and devoted staff, the friendly and lovable cows...This is a heart-filling experience that is unlike any other. I will be forever grateful for it.
— Anne P., Yoga Teacher, Boston