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  • 25 Main Street Chatham NY 12037 (map)

Join Mary for an intro to Ayurveda and Kitchari Cleanse. Ayurveda is an ancient system of healing that incorporates herbs, oils, foods and lifestyle choices to bring your life into balance. In this workshop we will focus on releasing some of the wet and cold build up of toxins in our body from the winter months.


This cleanse will bring you renewed energy and give you a sense of lightness and clarity. Learn new ways to use food and herbs to balance and heal yourself. Ayurveda systematizes food and herbs into 6 tastes. These tastes can give answers to what we may need to heal ourselves.


Includes a 30 minute yoga practice, a cooking demonstration with information and details on the cleanse and Ayurveda.


For more information about Ayurvedic Consultation and oil therapy, please visit: